The fastest growing youth sport…now in the Greater Susquehanna Valley!

fun learning

Rec lacrosse programs for youth boys and girls

Come learn the basics of lacrosse while having lots of fun. We are planning programs for youth of all ages.

  • Stay tuned for information on 2023 summer and fall opportunities

  • Equipment available to borrow

Boys' Lacrosse
Girls' Lacrosse
an epic mashup

So…Why Lacrosse?

Everyone loves mashups, right?  Lacrosse is a mashup of basketball, soccer, ice hockey, field hockey and football.

It’s an exhilarating blend of teamwork, speed, skill, smarts and endurance!

Get to Know Us and Lacrosse

(You’ll fall in love with it…just like we have!)

Who we are

Meet our coaches

Boys’ Game

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Girls’ Game

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developing more than just lacrosse players

The Blaze Lax Philosophy

Lacrosse is for everyone

We make lacrosse inclusive and age-appropriate for all.

Lacrosse All-rounders

Learn the entire game, not just a position.

Have fun, play happy

“Gamify” drills to make learning fun.

Positive coaching

Energetic and encouraging instruction.

Encourage multi-sport

Decrease burnout and increase Athletic IQ with exposure to multiple sports.

Honor the game

Know and respect lacrosse’s indigenous origins and the rules.