All clinic participants will need a USA Lacrosse Youth Membership ($30), which can be purchased from Upon purchase, your child will be assigned a USA Lacrosse membership number.

Once you have that number, enter it into our registration form and submit the completed form to us. We will contact you if there are any questions about your form.

Please contact us with any questions or issues.

Yes, you can register at any time during the clinic. While we encourage you to register early and attend as many sessions as you can, we will take new players at any point during the clinic.

The cost is $30 for a USA Lacrosse membership, plus a mouthguard, a protective cup/pelvic protector for boys and whatever additional equipment you want to purchase. We will have some equipment (except mouthguards and protective cups/pelvic protectors) available to borrow at the sessions.

The membership is required to satisfy our insurance requirements, but there are other benefits! The most exciting is usually the subscription to US Lacrosse Magazine. You can also get discounts on gear, equipment and tickets to collegiate and professional lacrosse games. Finally, if you’re thinking of joining additional lacrosse clubs, like Central Susquehanna Lacrosse Club, you’ll need to be a member of USA Lacrosse. It’s good for an entire year, so it can cover both the fall clinic and any spring or summer lacrosse clubs you may join.

USA Lacrosse membership is good for an entire year. If you will be a member in good standing through November 30, 2022, then you do not need to renew. However, if your membership expires before month-end, you will need to renew it upon expiration in order to keep attending the clinics.

We provide a list of registered Linntown players to the school, as you’ll get called for a special dismissal. As a group, you’ll use the sidewalk to walk over to the DHEMS gym entrance. One of our coaches will meet you there and walk you over to our playing field at Pawling.

We are super happy to have you, but ask that you talk it over with your parents and fall team coach first. No coach wants to see a player miss part/all of their season due to an injury sustained in something outside of their sport. Some coaches may ask that you only join these clinics before your season starts or after your season ends.

Yes, we would love to have you join us! Girls on the Run starts at 4:00 p.m. at Linntown, so feel free to join us from 3:30 to 4:00. You will walk over to our field as a group after dismissal, and we will walk you back at 4:00.

No, but we encourage players to attend as many sessions as possible. It’s okay if you can only attend part of a session, too.

Absolutely! We understand you may be involved in other activities that overlap with our sessions. Come for what you can!

As lacrosse is typically a spring-season sport, bad weather is part of the lacrosse experience – cold, rainy, snowy, hail, windy, hot, humid…and sometimes all in the span of one game!

These fall clinic sessions are a bit more low-key: expect to play in the moderate cold or wet, but we may cancel in case of poor weather. We will try to make any cancellation determinations by 6:45 a.m. the day of so you can plan your after-school transportation needs. Cancellations will be posted on this website, our social media channels and our team communication app/emails.

For the clinic, players will need to bring their own mouthguard. Boys will also need a protective cup/pelvic protector. If you have other equipment on-hand, please feel free to bring it. Keep reading to see typical lacrosse equipment.

It’s usually best to practice in the same equipment you’ll wear in a game, but we want you to try (and hopefully enjoy) lacrosse without having to purchase lots of equipment. We will have some equipment available to borrow during the sessions, so there is no need to buy any equipment right away unless you want to.

If you have and want to wear cleats, please feel free to do so. Turf or running shoes will work just fine, too. Just make sure your footwear fits well and is comfortable.

For clothing, we suggest wearing athletic/sweat-wicking gear and having layers. Long-sleeve, short-sleeve, shorts, tights/pants, whatever – you decide based on the weather and your own thermometer.

Boys’ game: Typical equipment is a boys’ stick, mouthguard, helmet, an NOCSAE standard ND200 shoulder pads/chest protector, elbow pads, gloves, protective cup/pelvic protector and cleats. As we will start with the softer foam-based lacrosse balls and no checking, the full set of equipment is not needed right away; we will give players a heads up when they’ll need more than a stick, protective cup/pelvic protector and mouthguard.

If you have a boys’ game defensive stick (i.e., long pole or d-pole), please keep it at home. We are focused on building and improving fundamental lacrosse skills and will only be using short sticks for our clinics. Unfortunately, many defensive players who “grow up” using long poles tend to overly rely on the stick length versus developing good footwork and body positioning.

Girls’ game: Typical equipment is a girls’ stick, mouthguard, eye cage, gloves (only if desired…and they are different than the boys’ gloves) and cleats. As we will start with the softer foam-based lacrosse balls, the eye cage is not needed right away; we will give players a heads up if/when they’ll need more than a stick and mouthguard.

If you want to purchase equipment, there are lots of options when it comes to lacrosse gear and we are happy to answer questions/provide recommendations. You can find decent used equipment at retailers like, or, however keep in mind that the requirements for boys’ shoulder pads/chest protectors have changed recently so be sure it’s a newer, NOCSAE standard ND200 model.

Yes! There are equipment and rules differences between the girls’ and the boys’ games, but a) many of the skill fundamentals are the same and b) a great lacrosse player can adapt and play with whatever equipment they have on hand. In fact, we will have some official practice sessions where we swap and use the other game’s equipment!

One of the main differences between the boys’ game and girls’ game is the level of contact. For the boys, it’s generally comparable to hockey. For the girls, it’s generally comparable to basketball. As there is incidental contact in both games, a mouthguard is always required, plus a protective cup/pelvic protector for boys.

Players will learn legal body and stick contact as part of the clinics. We will give a heads up when those skills will be worked on so players can bring (or borrow from us) the proper equipment. We do not permit excessive stick checking or any sort of body checking; body checks are legal in the 14U boys’ game, but given the combined nature and the age range of our clinics, we will not be teaching or allowing any body checks.

We encourage players to visit their school’s restroom right after dismissal to fill up their water bottle, use the bathroom, change into practice clothing, etc. As of 9/22/22, we will be playing at Pawling Athletic Complex, so there are restroom facilities nearby.

At this time, players are not permitted to re-enter the schools after dismissal due to the air system improvement project continuing in the after-school hours.

As of 9/22/22, our sessions will be held at Pawling Athletic Complex. Please have your ride park in the lot; be aware the lot may be crowded on days when the other sports teams are hosting a game.

Please consider Central Susquehanna Lacrosse Club (CSLC), a traveling lacrosse program in the spring for boys and girls. If there are enough girl players to field a girls’ team, they will play the girls’ game; if not, they can play the boys’ game on the boys’ team (don’t worry – there are girls who do this!).

For those willing to drive to State College or the Harrisburg area, there are additional opportunities year-round. As we grow lacrosse in our area, our hope is to offer more local playing options throughout the year.