our game plan

Our Approach to the Clinics

Have fun and learn lacrosse…that’s it in a nutshell. But, we have some key tenants guiding what we do and how we do it:

Play Happy and Confident

It takes time to learn new things. Mistakes are okay and part of learning. We’ll be kind to ourselves with a reminder that if we stick with it, we will eventually get it.

Basics First and Always

The fundamental skills of any sport must be constantly worked on. Even pro athletes practice the basics every day. We’ll do the same and try to make it fun!

Focus on Feet and Body

Sure, the stick/crosse is important. But, it’s too easy to rely on just the stick. We want to make sure our footwork and body positioning are doing most of the work.

Know the Whole Game

We sometimes naturally gravitate to a particular position. But, the best lacrosse players know and have played all positions – it’s the ultimate Lacrosse IQ builder.

Stationary and Moving

It’s easier to learn new skills stationary. But, lacrosse is all about moving. We add movement as a natural progression to our skill drills and activities.

Righty and Lefty

We all have a dominant hand. But, it’s critical for lacrosse players to be comfortable using both hands effortlessly. Our drills and activities work both hands.

Some Running Involved

Running is key to lacrosse. Our clinics include speed and agility training, but little endurance running. We encourage players build running endurance on their own.

Main Clinic Coaches

(with special guest coaches throughout the clinic!)

Kristen Vonderheid

Girls’ lacrosse coach

Jen Handlan

Boys’ and Girls’ lacrosse coach

Our volunteer clinic coaches:

  • Love lacrosse
  • Have children who play lacrosse
  • Have district-required clearances
  • Are USA Lacrosse Level 1-certified Coaches
  • Are first aid and CPR-certified
  • And are excited to work with the players!